Sex Education in Schools

Examines whether sex education should be taught in the schools.

Teen pregnancy, AIDS, and other realities of engaging in unprotected sex are a fact of modern life in this society. This paper argues that sex education should be part of the school curriculum, and subjects such as condom advocacy and STDs should be covered. The paper looks at the moral and ethical issues surrounding this topic and examines the role of parents in supplementing sex education.
“The third dilemma when it comes to sex education in the classroom revolves around church and state. There are many religious groups and churches that are adamantly opposed to teaching sex education in the classroom. They protest, write letters, encourage parishioners to remove their children from the schools and use media to garner attention to their cause. The church interference believes that abstinence until marriage is the only acceptable lesson to learn about sex and even that has no place in a classroom. They believe it is something the parents are to teach the children. Those who are against this line of thinking point to the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state.”