Evolutionary Mass Extinctions

This paper discusses in detail the changes in environment over time that caused mass extinction of animals such as the dinosaurs.

This paper explains that the fossil records tell us that, through out the geological history of earth, mass extinctions have been the norm rather than the exception. This paper states that a better understanding of the role extinction plays in evolution is essential. The author concludes that human beings are uniquely adaptable; they invent procedures as medicine that give them extended control over their environments.
“Of course, the most famous extinction event is that of the dinosaurs, about 65 million years ago. Such events appear in the fossil record as far back as Precambrian time when it is believed that life first began. Ideas of mass extinction has been an issue of controversy between many geologists towards the idea that it is related to intermittent catastrophes such as the striking of the earth’s surface by a large asteroid or comet. Many paleontologists and evolutionary theorists reject such ideas and believe them to be unjustified.”