Ryan Cabrera Libs 202 3 September 2017 The Golden Age of West Africa One of the first biggest empires was found in Western Sudan

Ryan Cabrera
Libs 202
3 September 2017

The Golden Age of West Africa
One of the first biggest empires was found in Western Sudan, which consequentially became known to the outside world as the republic of Ghana. It began as a minor civilization during the second century, even though it would later develop into a state with a known, rich history more than 1,000 years old. In European and Arab countries, Ghana was known as a country rich in gold, and many other natural resources; this was a natural attraction for other countries. During this time, the country reached its height of importance- the empire was well organized. Political progress and social well-being of its people could be constructively compared to the best kingdoms and empires that reigned in Europe during this period (Conrad 77).

The expansion of African settlements was not limited to Egypt and northeastern Africa. Social, political, agricultural, and commercial development in the northern interior and western Africa occurred contemporaneously along with an Egypt parallel to the Nile River. (Conrad 148) The history of African people and its growth of thousands of ancient cities, kingdoms, and empires have indeed delivered an ultimate title for African civilization. The ancient empire of Ghana may have succeeded for several centuries before it was first noticed in early and middle ninth-century. The historians refer Western Sudan or West African empires that rose and declined from the start of the eight-century to the end of the eighteenth century as: The Golden Age of West Africa.

With immense dry conditions in Africa, the eighth-century civilization was able to utilize the natural resources as the major ones in order to establish their stand against economic demands. Their deserts provided their civilization with irreplaceable and very exclusive resources; some of these resources were mostly abundant in their land, in comparison to other areas in the world. Such abundant resources gave this civilization access in the global markets through the trade advancements, socially established governance, monarchial rule, and most importantly, very powerful empire characteristics. (Conrad 30).
In conclusion to “Empires of Medieval West Africa”, the primary objective is to portray the developments that occurred during the “Golden Age of West Africa”. The historical greatness and the rule of this empire have been noted to be one of the most powerful authorities during its own time. As with this book, the sole focus is to portray validations of the said claims of power that accompanied the empire’s progression. This article claims to portray the greatness of the empire that was established in its own time, and to prove that the Ancient Ghana Empire is one of the best rulers of governance. The article also includes locations and etymological origin of such empire in order to depict the exact start of its surge; it also discusses the rationales for the wealth, success, and etiology of their powers. With the knowledge given to us in this book, it shows the contributions that have been very beneficial to West Africa and that have caused the Golden Age of Ghana in terms of greatness, and power.
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