Information technology or IT is anything related to computer software or hardware

Information technology or IT is anything related to computer software or hardware, internet or networking, etc. Information technology gives us different opportunity in different occupations that are related to computers such as programming, web development, and many more. It is easier at these ages to spread different information because we live in a world full of technologies, and we gather most information through technologies, and one of the medium we used to spread information is through technology. We cannot deny the fact that technology and information we gather from different technology affects us or influences us in some of our decisions, perspective, and even in our daily life. Today, as technology continues to evolve, we are at the period where we can create many things such as videos, music, websites, software, graphics, and edit things that help us send or convey our cultures especially the cultures of indigenous people to different kinds of people in our society, country or even in the world.
Today, there are groups and/or organizations created to help preserve and promote the cultures and knowledge of tribal people. One of the examples is the Davao City Water District Community Relations division that helps indigenous people living in uplands to have the privilege to study on rural areas and attain education for their tribe. But, for me it’s not enough, for most of the people living in rural areas especially in our country and the world are not aware of it. They even don’t know some of the tribes and the importance of their culture in our society. I believe that there are still tribes that are not yet been reach by the government.
We can help especially information technology in giving information and influencing others about their importance. We just have to use the tools we have creatively and strategically that can help promote these cultures. As a citizen who wanted to help preserve and promote indigenous knowledge and practices, as a first step, I will help promote these cultures through advertisements in social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and/or I will research pictures of our tribes and/or take pictures personally if I see or encounter one because as a teen, most of the teens like to take pictures of what are they doing or what have they done. I will help document their cultures and practices. If I will have the knowledge and privilege to study with a course of information technology, I would like to create a virus like software that acts has the nature of a virus to multiply and be transferred from one to another then it pops up on the screen and shows information about indigenous people but it is harmless to the device, or I will create a web software where the cultures and practices of IP’s are in there and people can freely see it and comment about it. I would like to create a community based website for the IP’s. Lastly, I like to tell stories to my friends about different things I encounter and experienced that is why even in little things like this, I can help in promoting and preserving indigenous cultures and practices because it will be an opening to their minds why we need to preserve these things.