Rule of Law in Ancient Rome

This research paper discusses the Rule of Law in Ancient Rome, focusing on events after the Republicans took over.

This paper looks at how the rule of law served as a basis for the Roman Republic. The research paper is divided into three distinct parts. The first and the introductory part reveals an overview of Ancient Rome and the old city of Rome. The second part gives a detailed account of the Rule of Law in Ancient Rome, addressing the underlying philosophy of the Rule of Law. In addition, this part highlights the consequences of the rule of law and explains the downfall of the Republic. The last section discusses the emergence of modern Rome. All the above-mentioned components are connected to the basic theme of the paper that discusses the philosophy of, causes of and reasons for the Rule of Law in ancient Rome.
“Many civilizations have grown from berserk to better and from reaching the disastrous end to regaining glory and grandeur. However the history has witnessed a good few international cultures that have transformed their weaknesses into strengths, took a stand for a better world where their generations are far more secure. A world that can offer them harmony of soul, peace of mind and a bright future to look ahead to. However after endless feuds and struggles, there are many examples of those civilizations that turned barbaric at the end of the century, recuperating later to be one of the most cultured nations. One such civilization that saw many good and bad phases and covered a sea of tormenting struggles, including taking a stand against despots of their time and fighting for their rights as a nation against the tyrant monarchs is the Roman Empire.”