American Utopianism: Technology for Education

An overview of historical events and technological advancements that have encouraged concepts of utopianism in education.

This paper examines some of the advancements, historical events, and perspectives that have perpetuated the concept of technological utopianism through all aspects of American life, particularly in the field of adult education. The paper presents arguments for and against computer technology in education and shows that potential benefits far outweigh the problems of cost and successful integration.
“Clearly, technological advancement, utopian aspiration, capitalism and education are never without a measure of dystopian elements. Although computerization has seemingly revolutionized many areas of society, there are many who question the ramifications of tailoring education around it. The Flickering Mind, (Oppenheimer, 2003) queries the value and nature of changes that computers have brought to academia and the business world, citing the possibility that the astronomical government expenditures for providing technology in the classroom could negate traditional essential learning practices in favor of the novelties of technology.”