Refuting the Anti-Smoking Myths

An opinion paper that argues statistics regarding the dangers of smoking to one’s health need to be re-examined.

This paper states that, while there is a lot of evidence supporting both sides of the debate, it is obvious that there is not necessarily rock-solid evidence showing that smoking is, in all cases, completely harmful to the health of the smoker. The paper argues that there is, in fact, some very compelling evidence pointing to the possibility of positive applications in the medical field for cigarettes.
Smoking has become a national issue almost overnight. From anti-smoking laws to wrongful death lawsuits, America is fighting back against their new cigarette enemy. It was only a few decades ago that the general public did not even begin to consider the health risks of tobacco. Today, every classroom and public service announcement preaches the harmful effects of smoking and recruiting a new generation to live up to the desirable cool not to smoke image. We now look back upon the time before cigarette carton warning labels as the modern Dark Ages. However, for a moment consider another perspective, one where Joe Camel is not synonymous with Satan, and smoker is not another word for baby-killer. Although it seems impossible in today’s educated world, could it be possible that smoking is not the great evil it has been made out to be? There are many smoker’s rights activists and scientists alike who are trying to get the word out that smoking might very well be OK.