Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation: SWOT Analysis

This paper, written as a memorandum to the CEO, is a traditional SWOT analysis of Polo Ralph Lauren, the apparel company.

This paper identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation. The paper concludes that a watchful eye must be maintained on margins and capital expenditures in order to maintain bottom-line performance and the confidence of Wall Street.

Table of Content
Management Team
Brand Name
Diversified Product Lines
Wall Street
Capital Spending
European Expansion
Brand Management
Declining Markets

“Recently, Polo/Ralph Lauren Corporation has been making some exciting new changes to our top management team. By adding experienced, veteran executives from other top companies in the apparel industry, Polo has set the stage to continue an aggressive push into other markets. Recent additions to our team have included Olin Lancaster as Senior Vice President of Sales for Polo Brands, and Michel Botbol as Vice President, Creative Director, for Global Fashion Communications.”