Philippe Legrain’s Open World

This paper discusses Philippe Legrain’s book, `Open World: The Truth about Globalization`, which favors globalization.

This paper explains that Legrain posits that globalization is ripe with potential for the international community, for which it offers economic, political, and social benefits. The author points out that Legrain critiques what he believes are common misperceptions about the history and meaning of globalization, which he states is not shorthand for the way the world is today. The paper states that the author also demonstrates that globalization is a force that can be molded and transformed to suit the needs of the times and cultures it affects.
`In Chapter Two, Legrain continues to glorify globalization by stating that it is the most effective means to ending poverty. Citing alarming statistics from the Third World, Legrain notes that a slew of studies point to the benefits of world trade on the billions of poor people worldwide. For example, per person income and GDP is skyrocketing in globalizing nations but falling in non-globalizing ones (Legrain 51). Even though corrupt governments and multi-national corporations benefit from the effects of free trade, so too will the billions of poor people living in the Third World. Just as the author supports domestic welfare systems, he also suggests that the United States should donate more money to nations in need, thus making up for the gross inequalities of income distribution worldwide.`