Otto Von Bismarck’s Leadership

An analysis of the Prussian leader’s historical impact, his effectiveness, personal traits and strategy in the three 19th century. wars which partially united Germany.

Otto von Bismarck was the central leader behind the three nineteenth century wars which resulted in the partial unification of Germany and ultimately to the creation of the German Empire. Without Bismarck, the history of Germany, Prussia, Austria and all of Europe would have been drastically altered. Whether he is seen by historians as a force for good or evil, he certainly was among the most influential leaders in 19th century Europe.

Bismarck had the political will and the diplomatic skill to bring diverse groups together for his greater purpose or unifying Germany. He was above all a pragmatic man who was able and willing to do whatever he needed to do in order to strengthen Prussia. He demonstrated his pragmatism continuously in the service of increasing Prussian power. He preceded the 1864 war with masterful diplomacy, dividing all forces inside and outside…