Organizational Change is essential in order for us to grow

Organizational Change is essential in order for us to grow, develop the organization, the society and eventually our country. It is very vital for an organization’s viewpoint in terms of development, for public satisfaction, creating new opportunities and eliminating unethical activities which reduce the value to organization’s operations. Change is not always easy and not an easy thing to go through. The change process is also not easy when it comes to changes that affect a whole organization. Honestly, change is perhaps the toughest thing for us to achieve as part of our professions. However, it is rather a critical factor of success in today’s ever-changing work environment and economy.
I started my career in the Provincial Assessor’s Office with a let’s-give-it-a-try attitude, and have so far to regret my choice. In the office, I would like that our department head would take effort developing his leadership skills because I believe he lacks that skill to manage us. I find him too loose or soft in dealing towards us and in directing what he wants. Thus, lower the productivity of the employees; thinking that it is okay to be sluggish in our job. He also has this attitude of depending the decision making on his staff; what’s the decision of his staffs then that’s his decision will be also, which I find it improper being the Department Head. In the whole organization, I would want that the rules about promotion would change; like about regularization in our organization and I would also want that promotion should not be based on mere seniority but also on high qualifications which are based on a person’s true skills, capabilities, intelligence and along with other aspects, because being in the high positions is not an easy task. Moreover, these qualifications should not be compromised because it could also compromise and affect the daily operations of an office. In short, I want to change and improve the kind of leaders and leadership that we have in the organization to maximize the full potential thus, increase the effectiveness of work. I would also like the processing of salary claims would also be improved.
But most importantly, we should change ourselves as well; to be the best version we can be. It’s not enough to just change the system, the structure or the rules and regulations of our organization if the people working inside the organization are not performing well. Just like the Quantum theory of Management, every particle of the system should work together to have a great result. It is not enough that the other particles are working well yet one particle of the system is not performing well; the effort of the others became useless. However, if we can start improving ourselves for the better, we can influence the other particles in the whole system.
Even so, I think that possible changes are so called sacrifices for the greater good of the organization. I believe that something worth doing will involve some degree of sacrifice. There are always trade-offs to make to achieve a goal. Yes, changes will be a little painful and burdensome but when we can give meaning to our pain by realizing that it is taking us towards a greater good, then it becomes easier to handle.
As President Duterte said in his latest SONA, “Genuine change is what the country truly needs”. And I totally agree, genuine moral change towards national development should be a concern for both the government and the Filipino people. Intellectually, we all accept the value of change, but we are not so enthusiastic when it comes down to us being the one who must change. But change can allow us to take actions in ways we wouldn’t have or even have thought about. To become more successful in our endeavor towards development and achieve the “Real Change”, we must first change something within ourselves first. Because success comes from the way we behave, and the way we behave reflects what we think and feel. Every public servant should be unified in this goal because unity is strength and strength comes in number. As Mahatma Gandhi quoted, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.