Microsoft and Leadership

Examines how Microsoft has proven to be a corporation that has incorporated effective leadership, using different strategies.

Providing effective leadership is one of the greatest challenges faced by today’s corporations. Effective leadership can help bring out both enthusiasm and creativity in employees and facilitate a shared vision. This paper examines the effectiveness of Microsoft’s strategies relating to leadership. First, an overview of the company is provided, followed by a discussion of the company’s leadership strategies. These strategies are assessed as to their effectiveness and compared to leading theories of effective management.
Despite his strong vision, Gates’ leadership has been strongly criticized. Wallace and Erickson note that Gates has earned the nickname The Silicon Bully through his abrasive interactions with rivals and employees. One disturbing anecdote is of Gates’ supposed reaction to the hiring of female executives at Microsoft in order to meet federal guidelines for affirmative action. Gates is reported to have responded by saying that he would pay them half the amount of male executives, and give the females the crap work.