Destruction of Rain Forests

This paper presents an investigation of the effect that the destruction of rain forests will have on the future.

This paper examines the importance of rain forests for the ecosystem and elucidates current concerns about its destruction by explaining some of the consequences of destruction. In looking at the causes of the problem, the paper explores the perception that the problems were local and not global, the problem of basic greed and selfishness and political problems. The paper concludes with a discussion of the impact of this destruction on the future of the ecosystem.
“Within the last few decades mankind has come to the understanding that the world’s resources are not unlimited. The rain forest has been a focus of concern for environmental groups around the world. Years ago society used whatever resources it wanted with little thought to the impact that would have on the future. Today society realizes that the things it does to the environment will have a domino affect across ecology. Things that mankind perpetuates on the rain forest are causing its very destruction and this destruction threatens the future of the ecosystem mankind is so familiar with.”