Men and Women as Consumers

A discussion of who is the better shopper, man or woman and what makes them better.

This paper examines the role of men and women as consumers. It looks at how they view shopping, use different products and think differently about coupons and sale prices. It evaluates the standard stereotypes, that women shop for food and clothes while men for cars and homes and shows how these stereotypes have not changed even though the roles of men and women in society is constantly changing.
“Most women’s main role is to take care of the family, even if they work, so they tend to do make a majority of purchases related to home and the family. This makes them more familiar with products, prices, sale times, and bargain hunting. In fact, more and more advertising is being geared to women, because advertisers realize they are responsible for the bulk of purchases for the family. Many more women are also taking responsibility for major purchases, such as homes and cars, and even investing, and advertising reflects this. Watching television advertising, you see more ads geared to women, including car ads, liquor ads and investing ads.”