Mary Hockison AC1708532 SP180 Principles of Public Speaking Assignment 6 Bullying in Schools Bullying is a social problem that happens within the social networks

Mary Hockison AC1708532 SP180 Principles of Public Speaking Assignment 6 Bullying in Schools Bullying is a social problem that happens within the social networks. Bullying in schools affect students in ways were it could cause long-term problems among children. Bullying in schools can lead to many dangers in a childs like low self-esteem, psychological problems and suicide or suicidal thoughts. Menacing is a common occurrence among teenagers and many parents feel that not much is being done about it. According to the national institute of child health and human development study, 50 percent of student interviewed stated that they were either victims or perpetrators. Over 13 million students are bullied each year, as a result of that approximately 300,000 teenagers are likely to avoid coming to school at some point to avoid being bullied. There are many effects of bullying that negatively impact on students, thats why we need to find ways to stop bullying. Suicide is the third leading cause of death between 15-24 years old and the second leading cause is between 25-34. There have been multiple school-level and administrative interventions that go over was to help reduce the amount of bullying in schools. Establishing a clear procedure to investigate reports of bullying and developing activities in the less-supervised areas of the school. Also reduce the amount of time students can spend unsupervised, because most bullying occurs during recess, lunch breaks and class changes. When there are more monitors through out the hallways and bathrooms that will reduce the time for a bully to attack. Now with teacher interventions are where the teachers go over ways they can help with reducing the amount of bullying in schools. The teachers take immediate action when bullying is observed. All teachers must let children know that they care and will not allow anyone to be mistreated. Adults support both victims and the witnesses when bullying occurs. During school teachers and administration should notify parents of both the victims and bullies when confrontations occur. Conclusion Both parents and school administration need to work together to end the problem of bullying in schools. Students need to be encouraged to step forward and report cases of bullying. Every parents needs to take action when it comes to bullying in schools for their childrens sake. Plus students need a conductive learning environment with more teacher/parent supervision. Students that bully need to have more consequences when it comes to hurting people. I feel that raising children can be challenging enough and then you add society of so many wrongful things to raise your children in is even harder. We all want are children to learn to treat others as they would want to be treated, bullying needs to stop. Y, i-qN3 (f4Av2l_j-OQ ev)Ur-@V4EjzNp
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