Marketing Project Report

This paper is a complete classroom marketing report “Recommendation Report to Improve Sales and Profits of “Junes Barber Design”.

This paper is a classical marketing project that aims to analyze the current running and to discover means of enhancing a business. The author concluded that the business should expand their snack area into a little eatery.

Table of Contents
Purpose of the Study
Scope of the Study
Limitations of the Study
Assumptions Made upon Findings
Subject Interview
Criteria of Contributing Factor
Background of the Business
Details of the Business Situation
Making the Most of the Location
Performance Revamp
Skills Presentation of the Human Resources
Possible Marketing Plan
Maximizing the Retails
Diversification of the Service
“Criteria or Standards:
There were several factors that considered potential to help improving the service and the whole performance of the company. Although not addressed to be an international level of such services, the beauty salon may utilize the basic resources it already has, which were not yet implemented as it should be. Some good infrastructures were available now in the standard condition, like the equipments of the beauty shop, display, and supplementary materials like the snack counter at the back of the store. They would be good resources that if utilized properly would maximize the variety of services given.”