Expression of Love

An explanation of how the emotion of love works.

This paper explores how a human being experiences and shows love, and, specifically, the difference between males and females with this emotion. The paper looks at various pieces of literature that deal with love and how men and women react to it.
“Men must keep their heads on their work or business on a daily basis, not just to survive but to move on or achieve some pursuits, which must take priority over their emotions. Moreover, few men are brought up in the easy and pleasant expression of affection or love in a constructive way (Haggerty). In most societies, big boys do not cry or express love or sadness. The measure of manhood was the capacity to withhold or suppress feelings. That was how their father, grandfather and other male elders told them a real man should be. Softness was considered effeminate and laughed at. Hardness or even heartlessness was the virtue to cultivate if a boy must be a man.”