Liberal Education

An overview of the history and relevance of liberal education.

Because of its lengthy history, beginning in the Middle Ages, the concept of liberal education has included many philosophies over the centuries. In order to arrive at a current theory of liberal education, and in order to determine the relevance of liberal education in contemporary society, the various concepts attached to this ideal are considered in this paper.

Table of Contents
The Origin of Liberal Education
Current Concepts in Liberal Education
The Relevance of Liberal Education
“Some may argue that liberal education is no longer relevant to contemporary society, since the rapid development of new technologies preclude the inclusion of classical knowledge in the curriculum. Also, the time scale does not allow for including as many subject fields in the curriculum, as was the case before the information age. There is continued pressure to assimilate new knowledge. This imposes on the time that a student has available for subject matter that is not truly “relevant” to his or her chosen career.”