Alcohol Abuse

An examination of the effects of alcohol abuse.

This paper discusses the effects of alcohol for an alcoholic abuser, the abuser’s family and society in general. It looks at how the consumption of alcohol has become an integral part of modern society and an accepted part of social life and how for some, drinking alcohol is a pleasant activity and for others it is a dangerous activity. It shows how effects of alcohol abuse can be divided into three categories: health effects, psychological effects and lifestyle or social effects and evaluates each of these effects turn in. It looks at how alcohol is damaging to the liver, causes obesity and heart disease, causes psychological disorders and can lead to situations such as domestic violence.
This shows how the rage of the alcohol abuser impacts on family life and especially, the children involved. While this is focused on the children, it applies equally to other family members, including the husband or wife. The family learns to accept the violence and at the same time, to avoid having this rage taken out on them. In this way, the family begins to feel responsible for the rage. This shows how the alcohol abuser does not only damage themselves, but damages the people around them. The family becomes less able to live normally and instead, live in fear, waiting for the next alcoholic rage. The family are likely to develop their own set of psychological problems, based on their constant need to try to prevent the alcohol abuser becoming enraged.