Kiss of the Spider Woman

Analysis of the theme and characters in Manuel Puig’s book, Kiss of the Spider Woman.

This paper introduces, discusses, and analyzes the book, Kiss of the Spider Woman, by Manuel Puig. Specifically, it analyzes two key passages and their contrasting styles, descriptive method, character presentation, and a range of other aspects.
This is an important passage for a number of reasons. First, it begins to develop the two characters so that they are more understandable to the reader. Second, it begins to develop the friendship and bond that will grow between the two men, and this is an important theme of the book. Molina is a homosexual jailed for corrupting a minor, and Valentin is a political prisoner, jailed for his political beliefs. They would probably never have met and developed a friendship if they had not been in prison together. Valentin is wary of friendship, and so this passage is pivotal because it shows Valentin’s walls breaking down – he admits weakness, and that is difficult for him. Of course, Molina’s homosexuality is one of the barriers that Valentin feels as he struggles to learn how to share himself, and trust another person. Molina does make some advances toward him, but he stops when he begins to respect Valentin for his beliefs. Dealing with differences is one of the things that finally draws the men together, and this passage shows how they begin to do that – tentatively at first, and then with more conviction as they get to know and understand each other more.