King Arthur

This paper describes the classical hero figure King Arthur and his court and discusses how the modern view of them differs from the original myth.

This paper discusses that scholars believe that Arthur is a weave of Celtic kings from history and the stories associated with them that began in the Fifth Century and become immortalized through literature by authors such as Geoffrey of Monmouth, Chretien, Malory and Tennyson. The paper reviews many of the characters from the Arthur legend that have been popularized through countless works of literature, plays, poems, books, movies and art created by artists during every era of history.
“The quest for the Holy Grail is said to have begun when the Green Knight arrived at Camelot and issued the challenge. According to the code of Camelot, a knight must not refuse a challenge made to him and must follow it through to the end. Arthur’s long reign was marred by the illicit love of Guinevere and Lancelot, and his later years were marked by conflicts which culminated in the disastrous battle on Salisbury Plain, when Arthur was mortally wounded by his bastard son Mordred.