Time Management

Examines the importance of managing time efficiently in the running of an organization.

Time management has taken on strategic importance for organizations and corporations due to the value of money associated with the time. This paper examines time management tools and models, which assist organizations with the problem of completing tasks in the required time. It also discusses time management on an individual level.
“Effective time management can be achieved if the tasks to be completed are listed alongside the material or resources that will be required to complete the task. It is a total waste of time to start working on a project without having the necessary tools to complete it and then having to go back and pick up the project at a later date. While the virtues of multitasking and completing a wide variety of projects is much sought after in organizations today, there is always a downside. Every time a worker picks up a new task, he or she may require a few minutes to review where they left off.”