Homo and Hetero

A look at the way society determines the conflict between homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Sexual preference has long been a topic of debate among contemporaries. For many years, the homosexual lifestyle has been shunned and a source of shame for many lesbian and gay individuals. This paper explains how, in recent years, however, there has been an increase in the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle and the culture that surrounds this lifestyle. Many argue that this acceptance has begun to conflict with heterosexuality. This paper determines to what extent lesbian and gay culture presents an opposition to heterosexuality.
“The role of lesbians in gays in our society has a profound impact on the conflict between homosexuals and heterosexuals. The truth of the matter is that many lesbians and gays enjoy many of the same things that heterosexual people enjoy. In recent years the presence of homosexuals on television and in the workforce has become more pronounced. The military still promotes a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell? but there are many homosexuals that serve in the various branches of the armed services. Indeed the role of lesbians and gays in our society is well established and it seems that these roles are destined to expand with time.”