Gender in Today’s Society

An analysis of Jackie Kay’s novel `Trumpet`.

This paper discusses Jackie Kay’s novel Trumpet, which details the emotions surrounding the discovery that jazzman, Joss Moody, is actually a woman. Those surrounding Moody’s life are forced by the media to acknowledge the discrepancy in their existence. The author shows how following the conclusion of the novel, one is left to wonder whether the true origin of Joss Moody’s choice of lifestyle is gender oppression, homosexuality, or Moody may have believed her gender and sex were not appropriately assigned at birth.
One of the greatest oppressors in today’s society is gender, and the behavior that is expected to accompany that particular role. The media frequently capitalizes on the atypical behaviors of males and females. For example, if a man enjoys singing show tunes, going to the ballet, and is not ashamed to cry in front of others, the media frequently portrays this man as a homosexual. Additionally, if a female engages in actions that are typically associated as being masculine, this woman would be portrayed as a lesbian. A homosexual male or female is rarely portrayed as an intelligent, well-rounded individual.