Football has impacted our society in many ways

Football has impacted our society in many ways, from when it started, and up to today and probably for the rest of our life’s. From the early ages sports have had a huge impact on society. Football is played just about everywhere, it’s one of the most favorited sports in the world. Football has impacted our society in many ways, not all in good ways either, less people have been attending church, instead they are at home watching the football game. The super bowl has increased the count of domestic violence charges dramatically. It has also caused people to ruin friendships, and cause them to have a gambling problem from betting on games.
The way people spend their Sundays has changed dramatically, usually people would wake up and get ready for church, they would spend most of the day worshiping god. But nowadays people spend their Sundays sitting in front of the television watching football. They use football as an excuse to not go to church. Now they stay at home, eat, and drink while they’re watching football, especially when the super bowl airs, it’s on the air for hours, and people are stuck to their tv all day. People don’t see how much football has changed or impacted our society and the people in it.
Out of the 365 days in a year, the day the super bowl is air is when the most domestic violence charges are committed, between men and women, women are the mostly the victims for it.