Firewalls and their Manufacturers

A discussion on the different firewalls available and their manufacturers.

This paper examines the different firewalls available that include the Lumeta Firewall Analyzer, CyberArmor Suite, McAfee Desktop Firewall, StormWatch and NetScreen. The paper draws the conclusion that when choosing your firewall, the bottom line is to avoid fads and simply purchase the best firewall that minimizes your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities while maximizing its levels of protection.
Today, in an era when security is of the utmost importance a firewall is a critical component in enforcing network and Internet security. Any mainframe, UNIX or NT network that is connected to the Internet and lacks a firewall is a security risk. Every network is inherently susceptible to security breaches and unauthorized access from external, as well as internal sources, and a firewall is a starting point for securing such access points. While the installation and configuration of a firewall is often a complex art, the most difficult aspect of proper firewall implementation is determining the specific and appropriate type of firewall architecture to implement. What a firewall does is offer an alternative to network disconnection creating a barrier between the Internet (or corporate intranet) and the private corporate network.