Faulkner’s Abstract and Metaphysical Themes

This paper discusses the abstract and Metaphysical themes in Faulkner’s books The Sound and The Fury, Intruder in the Dust, That Evening Sun and The Bear.

To attempt to uncover a prevailing theme, or a theme which remains constant throughout the work of William Faulkner, is a difficult task. In both sociological and literary circles Faulkner has been studied as a writer who concentrated his attention on the decadence of the South as an institution. He has been treated as an analyst of the racial situation, who presented both the Black and the White points of view. His efforts through literature for racial reform have not gone unnoticed. However, these rather obvious themes have been studied to the point of futility. In an Analysis of Faulkner it is necessary to penetrate beyond these superficial matters into the more abstract and metaphysical questions which are being discovered in the many and diverse facets of his literary production.