Exodus by Leon Uris

A review of Leon Uris’s epic novel, Exodus, illustrating its literary success.

This paper discusses one of the most popular and influential books of the 1900’s, “Exodus” by Leon Uris. The paper outlines that even though the book is not necessarily written on a high literary level, it has achieved widespread success and appeals to many readers. The writer claims that this success is due to its clear, concise style of writing and its vivid and active imagery.
“Exodus was written in the late 1950’s and quickly gained international success, becoming the biggest bestseller in the United States since Gone with the Wind. Exodus is set in the 1930’s and 1940’s as the nation of Israel is coming into existence. The story focuses on an Israeli freedom fighter and an American nurse, and begins on the Island of Cyprus, an internment camp for Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. The Jewish people try to escape Cyprus, and Ari, the freedom fighter, and Kitty, the American nurse meet on the ship, the Exodus. The rest of the story follows their lives after they land in Israel.”