Effective communication is key to relationship building

Effective communication is key to relationship building. How we listen to others is therefore important. The way we speak, our body language, gestures and facial expressions are crucial when it comes to effective communication. It is also important to remember some things such as one’s interests, hobbies etc that are significant to someone on a personal level to build up a good relationship. Remembering someone’s name, using warm tones of voice to address them will help build a good and positive relationship with others.

Showing respect to others or being courteous and acknowledge views of others is vital when communicating with people from other cultures and different social backgrounds who may have different beliefs and values to ours.

Being empathic is another way of building good relationships with children, young people and adults. It makes young people feel that you have seen their point of view. They would feel supported and understood which will help them build their trust and be more open with you. The way we interact with children also helps them build positive and emotionally secure relationships with adults.