Don’t Get Sucked In

A persuasive essay on the power of drugs and substance addiction from a young person’s point of view.

The paper discusses that ,for most students on campus, drug use can be a recreational, experimental adventure, occasionally `done` at social gatherings. It argues that those who dabble in drugs are jeopardizing much more than the legal ramifications of getting caught. For the unfortunate few, it can be the beginning of a terrifying world of addiction. Experimenting with drugs, in truth, is like playing Russian roulette. Both are deadly games with eventual casualties. The paper uses persuasive argument to show that the disease of addiction is progressive – that one begins by smoking a little `weed` or popping a few pills and eventually the drug will handle the user.
`In recent news releases, cigarette smoking among college students is over 20 percent. Also, excessive drinking at Penn States main campus this past summer deployed riot police, curfews and criminal charges. Alcohol and tobacco, which are both addictive, are unfortunately socially acceptable and legal. In the city of Philadelphia, an unscrupulous physician is arrested for writing out pain prescriptions for addicts on a regular basis. Amish youths were likewise busted for selling cocaine in Lancaster County. Is no place sacred? Is no one immune?`