Business Marketing Communication

The writer explores newspapers, advertisements, direct mail, e-commerce, and other methods used to reach the potential consumer.

The use of various methods of advertising for the purpose of communication is not a new concept. It has been used since the first sale or service of a product. This paper explains how the marketing of products or services, however, has gone through changes as the ability to advertise in different media has grown and developed. The communication methods used have included television, print ads, and radio, and most recently the Internet. It shows how all of these methods serve a purpose, and each one works to communicate the message of purchase or use to potential consumers. As the world of advertising continues to advance, different approaches will be developed to communicate with consumers.
“The business that wanted to advertise its product or service paid to take out space in the local newspaper or magazine. The ad would then run for a predetermined number of publications in which it would try and communicate the message to the consumer that their product was the best. The main goal in using print ads for communicating to targeted consumers was to do two things. The first thing that print advertisements communicated to the consumer was the idea that this particular product or service was the best. This was done through carefully worded text copies as well as pictures.”