Cross-Cultural Training Methods

A review of the article “A practical but theory-based framework for selecting cross-cultural training methods” by J. Stewart Black and Mark Mendenhall.

This paper examines the above article which establishes the need to create a bridge between business cultures in order to be successful in the business world. It discusses the necessity for a proper framework that effectively administers cross cultural training (CCT) that must be adequate to specific needs, must be flexible for different people and nationalities and must be complete in all respects so that business executives have the necessary confidence when they deal with other cultural groups in order to avoid misunderstandings that may cause the failure of a potential business feat. It discusses how Social Learning Theory (SLT) complements CCT in an effective training schedule and how this may be implemented to help pinpoint training requirements.
“Since business operations cannot be delineated from good relationships, this aspect of doing business is very much important. In international businesses different nationalities have to interact with each other in various degrees. It is imperative to know the cultural backgrounds, customs and practices of a country before one tries to establish a long-term business relationship with the people of that country. In fact a long lasting business relationship will be in place only if people are comfortable with each other and are confident to interact with each other. It is here that the concept of cross-cultural training comes into the picture.”