Critique of Religion

A critical analysis of Marx and Engels’ text Critique of Religion from the book Philosophical Quest by Gail M. Presbey, et al.

This paper is a critical analysis and opinion essay of the reading material Critique of Religion written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and published in the book Philosophical Quest by Gail M. Presbey, Karsten J. Struhl and Richard E. Olsen. The major theme which is explored in this essay relates to a sentence from the text Religion is the opium of the people.
These people have their own fantasy of the perfect place to look forward to and thus they disregard the ordinary truth that they are being oppressed and are no better than commodities. Thus they ‘drown’ in their own idea and vision of something which exists only in pigment of their imagination. The writers try to say that due to their ignorance and low self-esteem, the big businesses make money off of them. The workers need to stand up for their share of the profit. Marx and Engels look upon the worker as the one: who has not yet severed the umbilical cord that unites him with his fellowmen in a primitive tribal community? (Marx and Engels 161).