Service Branding

This paper discusses branding in the service sector, especially the training industry.

This paper explains that service branding, more difficult than product branding, requires identifying the uniqueness and expertise of the service that is provided. The author points out that, in the training service industry, which is becoming a mainstay for almost all industries, especially in the technology and special skills arena, the effectiveness of the trainer plays a critical role in the branding process. The paper relates that identifying internal variables using performance-appraisal reviews, surveys, feedback, and management information system (MIS) tools can help organizations develop and implement quality service programs.
“To make the service more effective, the product should deliver what the service initially promises to the customers. The key components that result in the success or failure of an organization are the organizational goals and objectives. Any service agency should realize their strengths and weaknesses. The ability to do this can help the organization create service products that are better known and accepted in the market. Market share does not necessarily translate to higher profits or greater value for owners unless it substantially reduces market rivalry. Branding of services can help any training organization get recognition in the market for the various products that they may market. Sometimes a service company can get recognition in the market for one particular service and then may decide to diversify into other products that may be closely related to the most successful brand. Initial aggressive marketing and research and development costs are some of the major reasons for poor performance (where profits are concerned) for organizations that are still developing a brand service product.”