Crime and Society

Examining the effects of crime, specifically organized crime, on society.

Compares organized crime from a historical perspective to “modern” white collar and cyber crime today. Shows how crime has evolved over the years and the effects it has had on society. Explains how people now see crime as a given and as an accepted part of the social order. Discusses how organized crime and syndicates continue to flourish.
“The effects of Crime on society and on a country cannot be easily explained or evaluated. The ill effects of organized crime have invaded almost all levels of society in most countries around the world. The Italian Mafia, organized crime in the United States, Russian Organized Crime (ROC), Chinese Crime Groups in North America (Tongs, Gangs, and Triads), the Japanese Yakuza, the South American Cartels, and outlaw motorcycle gangs are some of the few well organized and established crime organizations in existence in the United States. In addition, there are also other crime syndicates that may operate locally depending upon a region of a nation.”