Computers and the Workplace in Canada

This paper reviews an article by Lin and Popovic, “The Effects of Computers on Workplace Stress, Job Security, and Work Interest in Canada”, an empirical research study.

This paper explains that organizations benefit from the introduction of computers and technology, but the employees may be experiencing increased workplace problems. The paper points out some of the significant negative impact on employees, including stress from having to learn new computer skills and thinking their jobs have become less secure and less interesting. The paper stresses that organizations must consider the individual impact of computers and technology on employees and take steps to assist groups or individuals that experience greater stress or greater problems because of these computers.
“The article notes the influence that computers have had on the workplace, stating that “nearly six out of ten Canadian workers used a computer (personal computer, mainframe or word processor) at work, with the majority (78%) using it to perform various tasks on a daily basis” (Lin & Popovic, 2002, 1). This degree of use makes the impact of computers an important consideration. The article also notes that many studies have been completed to study the impact, but that the focus has been on productivity and job quality. In short, the majority of studies focus on how computers impact the organization, and not on how computers impact employees. The article then notes that computers and technology has been considered a source of stress for employees. This occurs while organizations are enjoying the efficiency and cost benefits of computerization.”