Comparative Analysis of Two Studies

Presentation of information in two studies, ” Does Sarcasm Always Sting?” and “An Examination of Adoloscents Who Were and Were Not Exposed to ‘Teens Stopping AIDS'”, followed by a comparative analysis of the studies, a worldview and an evaluation.

Providing an in-depth analysis of the content, methods, and intent of research helps us not only to achieve a greater understanding of the actual implications of the study in question, but also to assist us in determining the applicability of the study to our own research. This paper examines two very different studies for just these elements. Within the analysis, we will look at several aspects of each to demonstrate that, with careful reading, we can determine the relevance and strength of published research. The two studies chosen for this comparative analysis are: Penny M. Pexman and Kara M. Olineck’s Does Sarcasm Always Sting? Investigating the Impact of Ironic Insults and Ironic Compliments, and Yuko Mizuno and May Kennedy’s “An Examination of Adolescents Who Were and Were Not Exposed to ‘Teens Stopping AIDS'”. What this paper will first present is basic information about each of the studies including the theory and key concepts advanced in the article, a description of the research proposed, including the hypotheses and research questions, a description of the methodology, and finally a description of the findings themselves. Second, this paper will determine the Worldview of the research and how that worldview affects the ontological assumptions being made within the work. Then, it will examine the epistemological and axiological assumptions being made. Finally, using Littlejohn’s criteria, the theory of each will be evaluated.