Competitive News

“The New York Post” vs. “USA Today”: a look at their competitive advantages.

This paper discusses the characteristics of “The New York Post” and “USA Today” and shows how they are two of the America’s major newspapers. Both are competing with each other and with other newspapers to increase their circulation and revenue. The paper discusses how in this competition, both have several competitive advantages.
One of USA Today’s greatest competitive advantages is that the paper has a strong national brand and is favored by many upscale advertisers, such as De Beers and Tiffany (Gannett). As television stations focus on niche markets, advertisers are spending more of their money to reach USA Today’s affluent readers. Advertising revenues were up by 17% at USA Today in 1999 (Gannett). With a market share of 12%, USA Today is the largest-selling daily newspaper in the country, enjoying a readership of 2,200,000 (Gannett, Stein). Advertisers like being able to reach so many people. USA Today recently started advertising at the bottom of its front page, attracting a big account from AT (Gannett). Today, the newspaper is tops in advertising and audience growth among national newspapers (Gannett).