Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg

A comparative analysis of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

This paper presents a comparative analysis of two cities in regard to the current trends in economic growth or decline; economic features, both historic and cultural factors that play a role in the economic structure; and current conditions and trends such as age, race etc., that contribute to GSP. It provides a comparative analysis of the states’ focus and identifies products or capital contributing to the GSP through exports or imports. The two cities are Cincinnati, Ohio, and Lawrenceburg, Indiana.
By far the number one impact on GSP from the Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg area has been the contribution in community revenues directly received from gambling and the Argosy Casino organization. Community leaders agree that the economic and social impact by the area’s new gambling industry has benefited all. With employment figures at all time highs and local income positively effected, Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg have contributed higher revenues in per capita taxes to their respective state coffers. The area currently boasts of higher revenues in the tourism industry such as hotels, motel, and convenience stores; the local travel industry such as gas stations, restaurant and entertainment facilities. Although the gambling revenues are not a complete solution for solving all revenue problems, the Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg area are enjoying the new found prosperity.