Boys Call Me Cow

Critique of an article called “Boys Call Me Cow” by C. Shakeshaft et al.

This paper provides a review and criticism of this article which describes a research about peer harassment. It explains the methods used in the report and then examines their findings. The writer challenges many of the findings of the article and suggests alternative forms of information gathering. It looks at how girls and boys differ in their experiences of peer pressure harassment.
“The article “Boys Call me Cow” describes a research project conducted to study peer harassment. The research report describes what forms peer harassment takes, the difference between male and female harassment, how students respond to harassment and how it can be stopped or prevented. The content of the report is both disturbing and, based on my own experiences, very accurate. The most concerning thing is that the actions described in the report are largely accepted as “normal.” Reading this report and seeing the issue put into perspective makes it clear that harassment of this kind should not be ignored or accepted as part of life, but instead be dealt with in an effective way. As the report concludes, “Changing adolescent culture isn’t easy. It is necessary, however, if we are to ensure a safe environment for learning and growing.