A reflective journal is a personal record of student’s learning experiences

A reflective journal is a personal record of student’s learning experiences. It is a space where a learner can record and reflect upon their observations and responses to situations, which can then be used to explore and analyses ways of thinking. Journals, although generally written, can also contain images, drawings and other types of reference materials (Wikieducator, 2007).
This is a weekly reflective journal of this course from the starting of this course on 7th August till its end. It is the note of class learnings, feelings and experience about this course. These are recordings of understanding course developments throughout the ending of the course. This is very helpful in taking a snapshot of class learning.
It is very important in learning the understandings of students for teachers and lecturers on and to prepare for more interactive ways of delivering class for further classes. This also improves writing skill in students.

Journal Entries
13 August, 2017
I was very eager to take this course as I am interested in research. From first week of the lecture I got to know about why and how research is done. It made me clear about the fundamentals of this course. I got to know about different theories of research. The research is generally done either to find the cause or solution of a problem or to find the evidence for generally accepted theories to find the relevance. It always starts with literature review which gives us knowledge about the extent of research done on the subject matter. The research can be designed in various ways and should be planned well to get desired results. This has improved the understanding of research.

20 August, 2017
A week later we had classes about doing literature review and writing business research. I came to know that the no harm should come upon the participants from the research. Now on while doing any research I provide the information about the research subject to participants and take their consent if I have to publish any information about them. For doing any research literature review must be done which gives us supporting knowledge about the subject matter and guide us through research writing. This was very important lesson of the class.

27 August, 2017
This was the third class of our course which provided us information about qualitative research. This included nature, sampling and participant observation in research. The research can be inductive or intrepretivist or constructionist. The researcher should get more relevant information form the participants through semi or unstructured questions about the research matter. This also provides some information about differences between qualitative and quantitative research.

03 September, 2017
This was the fourth class of our course in which we learned about different ways of collecting information for our business research. Through this lesson I came to know different types of interviewing techniques as well as preparing quality questions to ask for reliable and valid information from the participants. These lecture also increased the understanding of different techniques for analyzing the data obtained for the research.

10 September, 2017
This was the fifth class of our course which was about nature and sampling in quantitative research method. This method deals with numerical values of the information. Sometimes a researcher have to use more indicators for defining their research in a more appropriate way. This is a more deductive method than qualitative research method.

17 September, 2017
This was the sixth class of this course in which we studied quantitative analysis further. This dealt with collection of data and their segregation was learnt. Several questionnaires are to be prepared to obtain relevant and reliable information from them. These information collected are to be segregated into different bases which are helpful in analyzing the data to draw conclusions.

24 September, 2017
This was seventh class of this course which dealt with structured observation and content analysis. This method is also similar to survey based techniques used to obtain information. Further, the information collected using different techniques are to make simple using several method to make it easy for further study.

01 October, 2017
This was eight class of this course in which we learnt about secondary analysis and quantitative data analysis. Secondary data which are obtained from different reliable sources like data banks are analyzed by this method. Further different statistical tools are used to analyses quantitative data. This was very helpful in knowing different valid sources of secondary data.

08 October, 2017
After studying about qualitative and quantitative research method, we learnt about mixed method in this last class. This is mere combination of both methods for research purpose. This type of research is done when each method is not able to fulfill the research objective.
Research is very important for personal as well as professional life. For doing anything we have to study about the variables that impact the happening of something. Research helps students better understand their topics of interest and urge them to find for more to obtain new understanding about the subject matter. From studying this course I have become more curious and have starting making schedules for doing everything I want to do in my life. The learning of this course is valuable through life.


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