A Look at Respiratory Sprays

A brief discussion of the different aerosol medications available.

The paper looks at several aerosol medications available for patients who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems. The paper briefly discusses the efficacy and side effects of Proventil, Albuterol Sulfate, Pulmicort, Xopenex and Atrovent.
“This is one of the least-used of the sprays on the market, though it has proven to be effective in opening bronchial passages and helping people with asthma and similar respiratory problems breathe more normally. However, this drug is not very effective in treating cases of severe asthma. While Proventil does help open constricted airways, it does little to relieve inflammation of the airways, which is a part of the asthma condition.
“So, the person using Proventil spray might get a little relief from constricted airway passages, but he or she will get almost none from the inflammation. Dr. Robert Harvey of the Colorado Permanente Group says that for such patients, it is best to use either another asthma medication or steroid sprays. The side effects of Proventil are not serious, but the medication itself is not adequate for those suffering from a severe asthmatic condition (Asthma: Symptoms, online).”