Business Plan on Vinexport Rt.

A business profile of a company in Hungary that produces sparkling wine.

This paper examines the history, operations, management, and opportunities of a factory in Hungary that produces sparkling wine. The paper then uses this information to suggest a plan for creating a new company by buying out the shares of the existing company or its assets, brand names, and markets. Included in the paper is an outline of the existing company’s current status and an analysis of the company’s future financial status.

Executive Summary
Production and Products
Sales and Customers
Details of Purchase Orders and Contracts Expected
Future Revenue
Markets and Opportunities
Managers and Personnel
Premises, Equipment and Brand-Name
Financial Information
“Vinexport Rt. (the “Company”) is a privately owned company, with headquarters in Budapest. The Company was formed in 1995 with an acquisition of a sparkling wine factory from a state owned enterprise. The Company is a manufacturer of sparkling wine, carbonated wine, alcohol-free sparkling wine, vermouth and wine, with fruit juice production possibilities. They also offer bottling of in-house and other products and warehouse services. The Company is the third largest producer of alcoholic and alcohol-free sparkling wine in Hungary.”