A baby’s genetic sex is determined at the time of conception

A baby’s genetic sex is determined at the time of conception, meaning I did not get the chance to choose whether to be the X or Y chromosome from the sperm cell to fuse with the X chromosome in the egg cell. Ever since the doctors pronounced me as a female, I was treated as one ranging from having a wardrobe filled with pink-coloured garments to who I was allowed to label them as friends. My paternal grandmother was actually expecting for another grandson because my parents had given birth to only one son, which was my brother. She was really upset that brought her to the point where she asked my mother for abortion. However, I personally wish that I was born a boy. This does not mean I hate myself or my parents that I was born one, but how the society treats and judges me as a girl.
The society is just too gender-stereotyped that a girl is not supposed to play video games or go for a birthday party that exceeds 12am, and the boys are free to do any of those. All the toys I received as a kid were gender-stereotyped too, for girls. Me and my brother have always loved playing video games but my parents only buy my brother his favourite video games. I was told that the neighbour’s daughter reads a lot and I should be more like her.