When I started my employment with the setting there was no manual handling training. When I had my appraisal a year later I mentioned that I had started to have bad back pain, and my back was hurting especially while I was picking the children up. The manager at the time said that she’d look into finding manual handling training for all staff as everyone’s needed updating. After a while my training needed updating and when I spoke the manager again she said that she was unable to find any training courses. I then went a found manual handling training for me to attend. I booked the course and paid for it. I attended the course and learnt the correct lifting techniques so I wouldn’t harm myself and the children in my care.
By attending this course regularly and updating my skills and knowledge on manual handling it has allowed me to inform other staff and students that are in my setting. By informing the other staff members and students how to carry and move large items around the setting, it helps to prevent the staff doing any harm to their backs.
When we have new students start especially in the baby room I explain about allowing the children come to you rather then constantly picking the mobile children up. I also explained that when putting the babies in the cots they need to ensure that the cot sides are put down in order to prevent having to lean over too far to put the baby down. I also explain and show the students the correct way of lifting things in order to ensure a healthy back.