Zheng He did bring a lot of treasure such as gold

Zheng He did bring a lot of treasure such as gold, spices, and animals. Just thinking about that makes me wonder why they don’t celebrate his 7 voyages. Zheng He went all around the world exploring for greatness for china. The chinese however, dismantled the whole ship. I don’t understand why they don’t celebrate Zheng He’s 7 voyages. I think Zheng He’s Voyages should be celebrated.

Zheng He commands a very big treasure ship. The size of his fleet is 255 ships. He grew up from being a person in the army becoming an amazing general. He led 7 voyages and all of them he returned with something in his treasure ship. Zheng He’s treasure ship is 315 feet taller than Columbus’s Santa Maria. The size of his crew is 27,500 compared to columbus’s ship which had only 90 crew members.

Zheng He brought lots of animals and products to China such as horses and pepper. Some of the animals he gained were giraffes, zebras, and horses. China gave those countries copper coins, paper money, and silk. Zheng He also traveled more than 100,000 miles with very little technology.