Zero Air Pollution

An overview of the company, ZAP, which manufactures vehicles with zero emissions.

This paper examines the company ZAP (Zero Air Pollution), whose purpose is to provide us with some alternatives that will help us live cleaner, cheaper lives. It looks at how ZAP is in the electric vehicle (EV) business and how its product line ranges from scooters to cars and includes most transportation devices in between. It explores the history of the company from its inception in 1994, through its inventions, to its potential market gains.
“ZAP’s marketing management team combines over 50 years experience in marketing electric vehicles, delivering over 75,000 electric vehicles to consumers, making it a world leader in personal electric transportation. One of the first companies to market in 1994, ZAP’s brand helped spearhead consumer attention for electric bikes and scooters, helping it to leverage worldwide media and publicity attention. The Company invests heavily in its ZAP brand, focusing its marketing through placement of the brand on each of its futuristic products. In 1994 ZAP was one of the first companies in America to launch an e-commerce site for its products.”