World History

This paper compares the history of various countries during 1919-1945.

This paper introduces, discusses, and analyzes the history of Germany, Japan, and Russia, comparing it with that of Mexico during the time-period 1919-1945. The author illustrates how Mexico underwent drastic changes in the first half of the 20th century, but has not been able to successfully compete in the world market.
“One of the most interesting parallels between Mexico and the other countries in question is the way the people of Mexico reacted to what was happening in their country. Mexico, with its distinct peasant and upper-class populations, was ripe for changed during this time. “A veneer of Mexican culture scarcely overcomes the distance between the Mexican peasant and the Mexican citizen.The Mexican peasant, like peasants everywhere, lives in one world, the Mexican citizen in another” (Gran 160). However, while Russia, Japan, and Germany turned to socialism and dictatorship, Mexico turned to socialism for a time during the rule of Cardenas, but rejected it for a capitalistic democracy, much influenced by the United States. Cardenas’ administration expropriated U.S. and British oil companies.