Women and Sports

A study of women gaining presence in American sports.

The paper addresses the issues of women in sports, the changing trends and the struggle involved in accomplishing the desired place in athletics. It describes how the field of sports since 1970’s, has been the obtrusive battleground to fight for the equality of sex. he paper describes how women’s participation in sports has increased dramatically since the passage of Title IX.

Table of Contents:
Gender Discrimination and Women Sports Participation
Role of Title IX in Women’s Sports Participation
Increased Sports Opportunities for Women
Increase in Men’s Support for Women Sports
Practical Implications to Increase Women Participation in Sports
Getting Results Through Increasing Awareness
Removal of Myths
Augmenting Press Coverage
Getting Authorities Intervene and Take Adequate Actions
“Sports are another field where racial differences and gender biases are common. Women equality to play, to prove their abilities and to compete with men on the field is still a primary goal on the women rights association’s agenda, those organizations working to ameliorate the contemporary conditions of the womenfolk. However gone are the days when women were willing to conform to the roles of a domestic wife, an obedient daughter and a dutiful sister. Women of today are not only well educated but they are also aware of their rights as human beings. With the signing of the Title IX, women became adamant in accomplishing equality of sex in the field of sports, apart from other disciplines.”