Women and AIDS

A look at the life of women who are HIV positive or have AIDS and their life in New York.

This paper is written in newspaper column style and discusses the women with AIDS in New York. The writer attempts to shed light on the topic and provide some insight to the needs and services available for women with this epidemic.
“The HIV/AIDS epidemic in this nation is almost two decades old, and while we have made many advances, we still have a very long way to go before the battle is over. Women nationwide have recently been moving to the forefront in the fight against AIDS for several reasons. Women who become pregnant while they have the disease can pass that disease onto their babies. Women often are more susceptible to the disease from a man than a man is from getting it when having relations with a woman, and women have always been underrepresented in health concerns, with AIDS being no exception. New York City has long since been known as the most forward thinking city in America. It is ahead of the rest of the nation in many areas including, fashion, publishing, and cost of living. One area that it is one of the nation’s leaders in has been the infection of females with the HIV virus. In recent years the city has been working hard to get a handle on this statistic and drive the numbers down. The effort has been successful for the most part while there are still many obstacles to overcome. ”